Hinweisgebersystem für Unternehmen

Whistleblowing systems for companies

The issue

Every year, companies and organisations lose approximately seven percent of their turnover due to unlawful activities. A 2017 report by the European Commission estimated the damage caused by a lack of EU-wide whistleblower protection at between 5.8 and 9.6 billion EUR – for public contracts alone.

The solution

With flustron’s whistleblower system, companies can now internally and discreetly counteract breaches of EU law that are associated with potential reputational and financial damage. Play it safe – for just 19.90 EUR per month.

Is your company required to implement a whistleblower system?

Companies with 50 or more employees or with an annual turnover of more than 10 million EUR are required to offer a whistleblower system. Companies with 250 or more employees must implement secure channels by 17 December 2021. Companies with 50–249 employees have time to meet the demands of the directive by December 17, 2023.