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Via our website you can test flustron without obligation and free of charge for 14 days. Just click on the “test now” banner in the upper right corner and get started.

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Simply click on the “Prices” tab in the menu and select the flustron version that best suits your company. After you complete your purchase, you will get immediate and full access to the flustron whistleblowing system.

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The flustron whistleblower system is a web-based application.

When you open the software, the first thing you land on is the flustron dashboard. Here you can keep track of all reports. In the menu (top left) you can manage internal and external agents as well as your settings.

The core of flustron is the simple, secure and anonymous creation of tickets. On the home page (dashboard) at the very bottom is flustron’s ticket interface, which can be easily accessed by mouse click or QR code. In order for each employee to be able to use flustron, this link or QR code should be distributed to all employees via company newsletter or circular email. As soon as employees have access to the whistleblower system, they can draw attention to potential grievances within the company and thus protect your company from loss of reputation and financial damage. To create and send a report, whistleblowers must follow four simple steps:

  1. Security Info: Here users are advised to check the security of their connection, are told that they can remain anonymous, and are encouraged to use their private device for reporting if possible.
  2. Report: If you have more than one agent available, the whistleblowers can first select which one of them should receive the report (if one of the agents is involved in the reported incident). Then the whistleblowers can describe the incident in as much detail as they wish in a text field. The employment relationship of the whistleblower at the time of the incident must be mentioned, optionally they can also name the department in which the incident happened.
  3. Contact: In order to be informed about the processing status of the report, whistleblowers must enter their e-mail address and a PIN code of their choice. The e-mail address is transmitted to the flustron whistleblower system in encrypted form and cannot be viewed by the company or its employees under any circumstances. If there is any news regarding the report, whistleblowers will be informed immediately by flustron.
  4. Finish: If everything has worked and the report has been created successfully, the whistleblower will receive a confirmation email.