The whistleblowing software as a simple solution for the new EU whistleblower directive. Secure and anonymous, fast and reliable.

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flustron is an all-in-one software solution with a lot of information about whistleblowing and a team that answers all your questions

What is flustron?

flustron’s intuitive informant program provides whistleblowers with the means to ventilate grievances and issues that occur within a company in a matter of minutes. This bodes well for both employees and employers: flustron’s whistleblower software offers businesses the opportunity to effectively counteract potential grievances internally all while remaining discreet. Simultaneously, the protection of employees who become whistleblowers takes top priority. A win-win situation – powered by flustron.

What flustron offers

Why flustron?

The informant software by flustron is an all-in-one solution that impresses with its efficiency, user-friendliness, and tamper resistance. Our system is easy to handle, reliable in use, and cost-effective: once purchased, we take care of all adjustments needed to meet potential new features of the EU directive in form of regular updates. Additionally, you will consistently and immediately be informed of any news concerning the directive on flustron’s news page.

How are you protected by flustron?

Direct employee feedback is the number one way to detect company-internal compliance violations at an early stage. The EU whistleblower protection directive was implemented so that employees can freely choose to become whistleblowers without facing any negative consequences. Its focus is to ensure informants’ safeguard in both the professional and legal sense. Building on this foundation, flustron’s whistleblower software is focused on two aspects: both the anonymity of the informants as well as the reliable handling of confidential information are the foremost concern. Thus, our program acts as an early detection system for businesses through which grievances can be identified and resolved before they become public and expensive. Flustron’s whistleblower software guarantees employees and informants the safeguards of anonymity, confidentiality, and protection from retaliation as set by the EU.

How does flustron operate in practice?

The flustron whistleblower system can be regarded as a virtual postbox. Via QR code, all employees gain access to flustron’s web-based reporting system. There, whistleblowers have several options to report any grievances. The extent and content of the information they share and whether they choose to remain anonymous is entirely up to them. Once the report has been submitted, it is forwarded to the company’s internal person(s) of trust. The whistleblower must receive a confirmation of receipt after seven days at the latest. At flustron, this step is done automatically. Within a maximum period of three months starting at the confirmation of receipt of the report, feedback to the whistleblower’s clues must be provided.