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What is a whistleblowing system?

A digital whistleblowing system enables people to report wrongdoing in companies.

Why a digital reporting system?

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A digital reporting system is intended to protect persons from follow-up measures due to anonymity when reporting to a company. In order to protect the anonymity of persons, only a digital reporting system is fully suitable, since otherwise the handwriting, an e-mail address or even the voice on the telephone can be recognized.

To guarantee this protection to potential reporters, you should make sure that your whistleblowing system like flustron uses full end-to-end encryption. In addition, it is recommended that the whistleblowing system is made available on an external website, which will prevent the possibility of tracking by the company.

How does a whistleblowing system work?

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A whistleblower system works like a virtual mailbox. Compared to e-mail, senders of the message are not visible. To ensure even more anonymity, flustron does not use trackers on the website.

When a new message is received, the system automatically informs the clerks who created it. Clerks can contact the anonymous person again at a later time via a dialog box, e.g. to inform them about the status of the message.

What is the best way to use a whistleblowing system?

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Since whistleblowers should be able to make use of such a system without any hurdles, it is advisable to include the link publicly in the footer of the company's homepage, similar to what many websites currently do with their privacy policy.